Important Questions to Ask Your Agent When Selling

There are a number of important questions you want to ask your real estate agent when selling. However, first and foremost make sure that your realtor is a good fit for you, make sure he/she is a good communicator, see if they have experience selling in your neighborhood and targeting the right buying population. You may have to interview a few realtors to find the one that fits best, but it is well worth it.
A good way to begin the search for an agent is to ask for recommendations from family and friends. You can also check out local listings within your area to see if maybe there are realtors specializing in selling homes in your area. Once you think you have found an agent ask them these questions:

1. Are you an accredited real estate agent? You may start off with a new agent, someone who hasn’t sold much, but at the very least he should have a license recognized by the governing territory. Ideally you want someone who is part of the National Association of Realtors as they have a strict code of ethics. Looking for an experienced Realtor who know the ins and outs of the Milton Real Estate Market , look no further.

2. What were your sales numbers from the previous year? Off course it would be ideal to snag a realtor who has a great track record. This does not mean your home will be sold 100% , but it will increase your odds.

3. What areas do you usually work in? Someone who works in your area will be better qualified to represent you as they have an idea of who the target buyer is.

4. Do you have a sales plan? You want someone who can provide you with a marketing plan, letting you know exactly where they plan on advertising your home.

5. Can we negotiate the commission? Usually it is set at around 3%, see if they may be willing to reduce it.

6. How is your communication? You want someone who you can reach every day.

Your real estate agent should provide you with tips on how you too can work on selling your home. Your realtor can tell you about home improvements you might need to do, specifically which ones will increase your home’s value. If you find the right agent and ask the right questions your home selling experience should go smoothly.

Is it Worth Fixing?

Buyers must accept the fact that no home is actually perfect. They must be okay with the fact that there will be some shortcomings that they have to deal with. Perhaps a home has a perfect location and exterior but the paint is old fashioned or the bathrooms are too small. However some shortcomings may be too much to deal with, so which ones are these?


You might find the perfect home, aesthetically, but the location may be a massive shortcoming. If the home is in an inadequate neighborhood it can make living there really hard. You don’t want to extend your commute to work by one hour or be woken up by passing trains all night long. A good realtor will advise their client to do night time reconnaissance to make sure the community is a good fit, keeping an ear and eye out for distractive activity.


When looking for a new home, the last thing you want to do is dig yourself into a big financial hole. Most realtors will recommend your housing costs, including mortgage payments and insurance, ought not to be more than 40% of your income.

Can it be fixed?

Although some interior issues may look awfully hard to fix, it may not be so difficult in the eyes of experts. This is when your Realtor should provide his/her knowledge or provide you with a consultant to have a look at the situation. Looking at places in Toronto but are not sure if the price is right, call a Toronto Realtor that knows the ins and outs of the Toronto real estate market.

Can you do it?

Many fixes can actually be done by you even though you may think the task looks daunting. If the front yard looks like a mess or the walls look like they’re from 1960, it can all be changed with a little hard work. It may be worth your while as you can save money in places you would’ve otherwise hired experts. It’s crucial that you are able to distinguish between small fixes and issues with pipes, drainage, mold, and a cracked roof as these things can cost a fortune to replace.

Knowing what you really need

It would be nice to have a house with beautiful winding stairs and a large pool but perhaps this isn’t the greatest safety feature if you’re living with three young children. Some beautiful features may in fact be safety hazards. A perfect home with a tiny backyard may not be suitable for your two dogs. Evidently, it’s important to know what you actually need in a home.

To Rent or To Buy

If you can’t decide whether it’s time to rent or buy, your best bet is to consult a professional. Here we have listed five ways you can learn from the pros themselves.
1. Home buying seminar

Reading off the internet isn’t always the best way to learn, it’s important to hear what the pros have to say. Attend a homebuyer seminar as they are usually community focussed for a specific area. They are usually free or a low cost, last a couple of hours, but the knowledge you obtain can be pivotal in your home buying experience. After seminars you can always follow up with professionals so you can ask them personalized questions.

2. Homeownership fair

Local governments often sponsor conferences to encourage real estate purchases. Expanding cities and communities is usually the goal so it is in the government’s best interest to promote homeownership. Likewise, you will have the opportunity to meet lenders and get personal advice from them and even get a credit check.

3. Homeownership class

Perhaps the most effective way of learning if you’re ready to buy or rent is attending a homeownership class. Again programs like this are offered by your local municipal government or other Non-governmental organizations. These classes focus on budgeting, saving, financing, and maintaining your home. More often than not, these classes are free and can play a significant role in your home buying experience.

4. Speak to a lender
Lenders usually offer free sit-downs to discuss your personal financial profile and educate you about loans. Likewise, this is also a chance for the lender to sell you into the idea of applying for a loan. You don’t even have to be ready to buy a home to consult a lender, however it would a valuable experience as they could give you information to help you prepare for the future.

5. Speak to a realtor

Realtors are willing to meet one on one with potential home buyers for free. Set up an appointment with a Realtor who knows the ins and outs of the Georgetown Real Estate market. Perhaps look for an agent that has experience working with first-time homebuyers and in the particular are you may be interested in buying a home.

Evidently, whether you are looking for a home now or in a year, it is absolutely vital for you to consult a professional.

About Ajax Ontario in Durham Region

Ajax is a small city with approximately 200 000 citizens in the Southern area of Ontario. It is a part of the York Region, being a part of the Greater Toronto area. it is placed conveniently at half way between Toronto and Lake Simcoe, which makes this city the perfect stop for tourists visiting the lake. The Highway 404 connects this city with all the major areas of Ontario, and it helped the development of this community.


Ajax is the Rose Capital of the world, as it is the fastest growing community in Canada during the 90’s. new immigrants populated this city because of the large umber of jobs and opportunities available here, making Ajax homes for sale an interesting opportunity for investment developers also. it is the home of the largest Observatory in Canada, an interesting landmark that is visited by thousands of tourists each month.


Even if we are talking about a small community, Ajax has 170 parks, for recreation and culture. Ajax is the biggest of them, which includes baseball and soccer fields, and even two ice skating rings. For the summer, you can think about the tennis courts, which are situated really close to other facilities. In fact, when it comes to sports, Ajax is the best place to be in Canada. There is even a Wave Pool available along with the five public swimming pools. Each summer, the city hosts numerous contests and festivals. The Heritage Center is a statement for the history of this city, and one of the prides of the inhabitants of this city.


With so many advantages, there is no wonder why Ajax grew so fast, and why people still want to come and live here. there are the old, traditional houses that can be bought by rich citizens looking for a nice place to retire, but it is also great for young families that want to start a future here.

Buying Real Estates in Markham

According to the official real estate analysts from Markham, the prices can’t go elsewhere but up for houses and condos. The interest for those houses is growing, and this is why, as a buyer, you will have to make your decision now. the only scenario that could bring the prices down is a new financial recession like the one in 2008, but even so, the real estate developers are prepared and they have good cash resources, so they won’t rush to sell at dumping prices.


The average person who is looking to find a house for sale in Markham is the middle class family that has good cash resources, but not enough to buy a house with cash. This means that the majority of real estates here are bought with mortgages. The client has to go to a bank, from where he or she will get a pre-approved mortgage of 90 days, for a certain amount. During this period, the buyer has to find a suitable home, and to initiate the transaction. The problem is that the prices are going up for one day to the other, so if the bank does not approve the mortgage fast, the buyer would have to look for houses that are not so convenient.


Usually, the summer is not the best period to buy or sell houses in Markham, because everybody is busy with vacations and relaxation. This year, the trend is a little different. The cold weather of the spring, when the transactions were frozen, created many options for buyers, which had to exploit those during the summer or even until fall. It is one of the best periods for real estate realtors, which say that this is the best summer from the last ten years! the buyers can’t be thrilled about those changes, as they have the most to lose, but it seems like those are not scared about those changes, and that they are willing to buy even in this overpriced market.

Buying Real Estate in Mississauga

Buying Real Estate in Mississauga


Mississauga is a fast growing community in the Greater Area of Toronto. The proximity with Toronto and the great natural décor where the city is situated makes this area one of the most interesting for buyers, but it also brings the prices of real estates up. If you want to pay the right price for your real estate, you will have to know a few things about the real estate market in Mississauga.


Solid notions about internet will save you time and money. When a person wants to sell real estates, he or she would contact a real estate agent, which would put the property up for sale on the internet. you will have to find the websites of the solid Mississauga real estate agencies, and to ask them about their offer. Tell them what your budget is since the start. This way, they would look exactly for what you need; making sure that you will find a house that you like, within the limits of the established budget.


If you are looking for a house for sale in Mississauga in the new residential areas of the city, you don’t have to worry about reparations. However, some people that have the required financial resources would look to buy a traditional house in the historical center of the city. Here, the prices are significantly higher, and as we are talking about properties that were built one century ago, you might need to repair it before moving. Evaluate the house before moving. In case the reparations required are expensive, you can negotiate with the seller to settle for a smaller price, or to repair the house before.


By following those steps, you will be able to find the house of your dreams in less than one month. Unfortunately, for buyers, the demand is bigger than the offer of real estates in Mississauga, and this is why the average price of real estates here is bigger than it is in the rest of Canada.

Advice from a real estate agent for the first time seller

Whitby is a small city of the Kitchener-Whitby metropolitan area, but this is what makes it so interesting for many. New families from Toronto are bored of living in the crowded city, so they want to move in a small city where they can find a good job, but where they can also have a good home and good facilities. From this point of view, Whitby has it all. The sellers don’t need to worry about not finding a client when they have a house for sale, especially if they are just in establishing the selling price.


Negotiation is an art, and if you master it, it can bring you more money. When a potential buyer looks for months to buy a house, he will probably start to negotiate. However, before talking with a buyer, you will have to convince him to see your house, and this can be done if you are smart.


Establish the right price


Setting the expectations too high would not increase your chances to get the price that you want. Your overpriced house would not be of interest for anybody. The listing value of a home must be established by an evaluator, even if you add your “negotiation margin” of 5-10% over the respective value. This is why in Durham especially you need to look for a Whitby real estate agent who knows what he’s doing when it comes to dealing and making offers.


Choose several brokers


The first real estate agent you contact would probably ask you not to work with another agent, promising you that he will find a good buyer. You don’t have anything to lose if you contact a few agents. On the contrary, those would bring you several offers, so it would be a lot easier for you to set the right price for your home, and to sell fast. However, when you sign a deal with an agent, make sure that you are not signing an exclusivity contact, as in this case, you are forced by the law not to work with another agent.


Buying Real Estate in Ajax: Common Questions

Ajax is a rapid developing city that presents huge interest for the real estate agents, developers and buyers. The majority of houses for sale are the ones from the new residential neighborhoods built by developers, but this does not mean that you can’t find individuals selling houses in Ajax. Especially the houses from Downtown, which are the traditional houses of the city, are owned by individuals. those might not even want to sell through an agent, as they are aware about the real value of their home, and about its price.


Establish the price


As a buyer, you will have to establish an average price for a potential home. Before calling the seller, compare the price with the ones of other houses in the area. From here, you can negotiate to make sure that you buy the house with its fair price.


Ask the seller why he is selling. You might not get the true answer, especially if the seller is desperate, but you can draw important conclusions.


Try to find out if the real estate is on the market for a long time. As the Ajax real estate market belongs to the sellers, you can be sure that a good home doesn’t stay on the open market for more than a week. If you find a house for sale in Ajax that is on sale for a few months, it means that the price is too high, or that the house looks bad.

Use agents. In front of a determined seller, an agent will have more credibility than a buyer desperate to buy. A professional agent would never come with a client before actually seeing the house and the seller should not allow this. An agent that does not know what he is selling can’t be trusted.


Selling and Buying Homes on the Pickering Market

The rapid development of Pickering brought many real estate developers in this small city. There are several new neighborhoods that are built at the same time, and the ones that were finished a few years ago are already sold. As a person looking for a good home to buy in Pickering, you will need some patience, and you will also need to understand the market. As a seller, you will not have the base your negotiating strategy on your strong position solely.


Promote your property the right way


The right method of promotion will spare you from an “avalanche” of unsuited customers, and this way, you will save time and even money. a property that stays on the market for a long time loses its value. If you allow your broker to take some quality photos, if you present the sketches of the house and all the required details about it, the agent will be able to bring you only the right customers that are really interested about buying.


The first impression


As a buyer, you will probably be attracted about a house since the start. Or not. Besides the price and the photos that you see online, you will have to determine the general state of the house: how it looks, what improvements must be brought and if the asked price is the right one. If you like any of the homes for sale in Pickering since the start, and you feel like “you belong there”, you will probably be convinced a lot faster to buy.


A house creates a good first impression if it is clean, fresh painted, and if all the installations work. If you have the time to renovate the house completely, you can be sure that you will get a better price for it, and all the money that you pay for improvements will come back to you when you sell.